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 Wireless BTFS Feed Sensor

The BTFS sensor is a battery operated wireless smart feed sensor for the auger feed line motor to control the feed level in the control pan.


The BTFS feed sensor is powered by a battery for  more than 3 years operation.

The BTFS feed sensor is wireless. No need to run long cable from the control feed pan to the feed motor relay switch box . It is possible to set up a delay of 0 to 120 minute with 1 sec increment, so that the auger motor will not be activated  immediately when the control pan is getting empty. This protects and increase feed auger motor life. The BTFS feed sensor settings is done by a smart phone APP.


Using Blue tooth communication to the BTFS feed sensor. The BTFS feed sensor measure the feed in the last feed pan, when the feed level is below the feed sensor, a preset time delay starts. When the delay time is over the feed auger motor starts and fill up the feed line. When the control pan feed sensor is covered with feed it stop the auger motor .


web feed sensor.png
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