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Farmer with Organic Eggs


At Agromatic our team constantly pursues the dreams of innovation with new or to re-create and replace existing solutions with more cost effective and efficient technologies since our objective is to create premium conditions for our clients.

Only with the approval of our internationally accredited R&D laboratories and quality divisions we introduce our new innovations to the market.

Bird Weighing System
Agromatic bird weighing system connected to the Columbus controller allow our clients to see average weight, uniformity and standard deviation of poultry while using specially designed sensitive weighing plates to be placed inside poultry houses>>

Batch Weighing System and Feed Distribution Controller
As feed costs are playing major factor for any company these days we will soon introduce our feed weigher which will allow our clients to efficiently monitor this cost item. With its flexible upgrade options; The AGM Feed Controller combined with the Agromatic Batch Weigher will have a very sensitive weighing performance. The main function range cover; Silo Feed Level Control, Feed Management to distribute desired amount of feed to the selected feed hopper and many other features as well>>

Climate Controller 

The Columbus AGM climate controllers can be ordered as ready made set up controllers or as OEM controllers with 10 , 20, 30 relay output. Optional direct connection of Bird weigher , Silo weigher , Batch weigher, Humidity sensor and CO2 sensors, static pressure sensor.

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