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Columbus AGM 608 8 stage climate controller 

The Columbus AGM 608 climate controller can be ordered for various application as a OEM product

  • 110 to 260 volt operation.

  • 3 analog input for temperature sensor 2inside 1 out side.

  • 2 digital inputs for water count feed count .

  • 2 0 to 10 volt out for light dimmer and speed control.

  • 1 Analog input 0 to 10 volt for humidity sensor.

  • RS485 port for humidity sensor and future extensions.

The Columbus AGM 608 climate controller is an advance easy to use 8 stage controller developed specially for poultry and pig raising.

The Columbus have a color touch screen for easy operation with help of its ICON operation system

The Columbus can operate 1 Heater, Tunnel ventilation 5 fan group with minimum on/off timer Cooling with on/off timer. The Columbus have  humidity control.

The Columbus have a automatic temperature reduction curve.
The Columbus will collect information as temperature, humidity, water consumption,

The Columbus will show the collect info as a graphs on its color display.

The Columbus display can be translated into any languish.  

AGM 608 output

The Columbus AGM 608 climate controller have the following function:

  • 1 Heater, 5 Fan group, 1 Cooling,1 Alarm for high and low temperature.

  • The first group is the minimum ventilation group include a on/off timer. It is possible to set that the minimum fan

  • group will rotate between the 5 fan group so each time another fan group will be the

  • minimum ventilation group to give a even air flow in the house.

  • The Cooling have a on/off timer, If a humidity sensor is connected it is possible to stop the cooling when the humidity is high by a set point.
    If the humidity is over a humidity set point a additional fan will be activated.

  • An automatic temperature curve will deduct the requested temperature for the whole growing period.

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