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Columbus AGM Bird weighing for cage birds


Weighing plate 20x20x5 cm

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In today’s demanding agricultural market, it is important to know the bird weight .

The Columbus AGM live electronic bird weigher can handle up to 8 weighing plates and give the average weight for each of them. The Columbus AGM bird weigher Is a stand alone bird weigher for the modern poultry farm giving the critical information for successful growing,with out stressing the bird by manual weighing. The Columbus AGM bird weigher is automatic and gives the following information:

                              * Average weight of the flock

                              * Number of weighing

                              * Standard deviation 

                              * CV 

                              * Uniformity graph 

                              * Grow curve

                              * Flock age 

The Columbus AGM  bird weigher has a color touch screen to display and gain insight of daily bird weight . 

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