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Columbus AGM 10 Advance

The Columbus AGM 10 advance climate controller has the following functions: 1 Heater, 5 Fan groups, 1 Cooling, 1 Air Inlet or Cooling Curtain, 1 Alarm for high and low temperature.

Climate control is crucial for the growth and health of livestock and as Agromatic we point the importance of make savings from costs of feed, ventilation, heating, water and energy as well while giving you the independence of achieving optimal results no matter what outside weather conditions are. The Columbus AGM Controller can control the entire environment in a modern poultry house, such as fans, heaters, air inlets and cooling systems. We gave birth to our controller for the purpose to serve you with his highly competitive investment costs.

Automatic temperature reduction and weight gain curves with automatic calculation of minimum ventilation is a standard in the Columbus system. 4 temperature sensors and 1 humidity sensor can be connected .

All settings can be done from the system’s touch screen and a USB memory stick can be used to transfer all setting from one system to another. The Columbus system can be connected to silo weigher and  bird weighing system and internet for remote management.

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